Apple Awards

Apple Awards are a great way of saying thanks to someone who has enhanced your child's educational and personal journey in any way. Not only have many families honored their child's teacher, but aides, bus drivers and even PTA volunteers have been recognized with this unique award program

The program began so that families donating to the PUSD Special Education Foundation, could have their donations do double duty, and they could give a special thank you to the people that have helped make their child's educational experience a better one. Unlike the Education in Excellence Awards Program (vy, this will need a hyperlink when I am done with that page!) which is an exciting and heartwarming annual event, but has limited recipients, there is no limit to the number of Apple Awards a staff member can receive and it can be done anytime throughout the year! So consider taking the time to complete the Apple Award Nomination Form along with your donation and let someone know how much you appreciate them. We offer the traditional snail mail, or see below to submit online

The Apple Awards program features: The Nominee will receive a certificate that is signed by a District Director Along with: A keepsake display folder and an explanation letter about the program so they know you have also donated on their behalf. Your letter and certificate are sent to the site administrator ( usually the principal) So that they can personally recognize the excellent work they are doing for their students. Many site administrators chose to share these at staff meetings or in the classroom, helping to make it extra for the staff.

We offer two types of Apple awards: a standard Red Apple Award and for an extra special influence in your child's life, consider the Golden Apple Award. The Golden or Red apple award is determined by your contribution to the foundation

Red Apple Award: Suggested minimum donation of $35

Golden Apple Award: Suggested minimum donation of $75

We recommend that you write a personal note to the person you are nominating on our Apple Nomination form (feel free to add to the nomination form with a separate page if needed), describing the impact this person has had on your life and/or the lives of others. Your original note will be sent to your nominee along with their certificate.

Apple Award Donation Form

Please mail form with donation to:

PO BOX 722841
San Diego, CA 92172

In a hurry?
1. Email your Award nomination with ALL of the required information on the Apple Award Donation Form
to: Subject line: Apple Award Nomination
2. Next click on the button below and make your donation be sure to note your Apple Award in the notes!
Same result, all online!

Questions? Call 858.414.0002 or e-mail

Here is a list of staff and volunteers who have received Apple Awards since this program began:

Donna Aviano Melanie Bada Renee Baer Ariane Benito
Elise Bernie Padma Bhat Jennifer Bowers Jen Brigham
Teri Brislin Shelly Burke Karin Cameron Shannon Carr
Debbie Collins Jennifer Conlon Kari Coughlin Amy Duesterhoft
Mindi Eutsler Lauren Felker Helena Fiers Melanie Fink
Coreen Gardella Suzanne George Sharon GoLightly Julie Goodwin
Julie Goodwin Danielle Gruffydd Roxanne Hayes Gina Helms
Esther Hilleli Lee Hoffman Nicole Hosmer Sheri Hughes
Debbie Knuth Jennifer Langlois Laura Larson Meghan Lawrence
Laura Larson Romie Martinez Kathleen McKenna Sara McManus
Lani McNeese Erin Mitchell Betty Moore Derbra O'Neill
Lauren O'Reilly Katie Payne Rachel Pennington Kimberly Rizzutto
Diane Robertson Jim Santangelo Jana Schwerdtfeger Linda Shadeed
Julie Sowa George Sports Mary Tarzy Debbie Tarzy
Debbie Teudt Bonni Thomason Leslie Vonderhaar Pam Washburn
Dean Weese Bonni Thomason Vicki Willeams Jenna Zabrosky

The PUSD Special Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. All contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

The Foundation's TAX ID is 26-4103765.